Here you will see students as young as 4 and 5 years old doing algebra and "advanced" math, without ever knowing it's supposed to be hard.
You are invited to learn how to use this method...

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Come to MATH CAMP week two.

Math camp week two.

I was worried I wouldn't get 5 terminals, I got al ot more than that...from Canada, New Zealand (getteing up at 5 am their time, all the USA time zones except Hawaii...7am was too early for them...and now I have a permalink so you guys can hang out when ever you want...

May have discovered math is actually fun. ALso encouraged because they see the little kids can do it so they KNOW they can do it to. "Knowing" destroys the belief that they were bad at math.

Here are just a few of the many (10+ at times) kids behind terminals all over the world learning math together. 

 I had some great aha moments today factoring polynomials with negative numbers.  I've been trying to figure out how to show them using blocks.  So cool.  

FYI, Janes struggling so I'm just having her stay as long as she will each time.  She's loving what's under the cup and building towns.  For now that seems perfect anyway.  I'll keep learning and teach as she's ready.

Shared group one week in one house next week in a different house. Split the cost.

The little boy in blue is on video in math camp when he has his "AHA moment" factoring 

x²  + 3x +2

as far as I'm concerned, THAT alone is worth the price of admission.  I'm not kidding, what's it worth to break the cycle of ignorance of mathematics in your family and have fun doing it? In fact I'm giving you an opportunity to learn math for fun AND profit.

People tell me all the time:

"this is LIFE CHANGING!"

Formerly this girl didn't like math but now it makes her feel smart doing what the big kids do.
Chicago looks like they are having fun. Paula will be that much better at tutoring when camp is over. Only way to learn math is to DO math. Watching math is not doing math...that's why we say math is not a spectator spot.

Looks like he's just playing but thee is math and more going on in his head... Right now it's two and one more makes three...and note whole brain as two are in one hand and one is in the other...motor skills also developed. Just let them play...

I am giving up my secrets...but it's hard for me because I do so many things as a matter of course; trying to identify and codify the things that I think should be taken for granted, that you think are "amazing" is difficult. It is not at all amazing to me for a five year old to solve this problem effortlessly once they know what to do:

2x - 4  =  6.

Now I have quite a few mommies that can bear witness...because they saw it with their own eyes and and those eyes may or may not have been dry at the time (yeah I saw you) but this time they are HAPPY tears not angry frustrated tears.

Numerous PhD's and professional psychiatrist/psychologist tell me the things that I consider like tying my shoes are astounding to others, and I don't realize it.   It's called experts syndrome. 

I am working at making YOU an expert too because as the parents at math camp are finding out firsthand, the methodology can not only teach any child, BUT I can teach anybody this method!

Parents, Teachers, anybody--as long as you're willing to have an open mind and use these methods in earnest you'll get the same results is I do, guaranteed.  And best of all: it's fun.
So sure you can come to week two...!

View video for details.

Also because of math camp more content was adding at Parent Teacher Training regarding eyes and eye placement and how to use that to your advantage NLP applied specifically to base ten block mathematics teaching.

More  password protected pages will appear at the house of math,  or as in this case added to existing password pages, so be sure to refresh the pages...

Paypal me:

Or use the button and will take you right to FB math camp if you turn off your pop up blockers...the webpage hasn't been built yet but you can go to FB now and there is a whole lot of original content there and more being made...I am going over over the books and manuals with you as a by page so far I have done two, I will do all ten. I will also put the lessons from math camp on vid. That's a lot of value...

Anyhow if you want to go to FB there is a ton of unique content there now. And I will be uploading more video's PDFs pages etc. over the next couple of weeks. I hope you notice one pay is substantially cheaper...


Need it emailed? Enter Addess:

Examples of their homework so far.

Yes the little seven year old girl with the red bow in her hair is knocking these out NO PROBLEM.

This little girl is NINE and having fun...she comes to class by herself because the other class is organized chaos with a bunch of younger students. But know their parents know what to for the next few months in addition to the other math they are learning, algebra can be incorporated right along side! And not only that, it teaches and reinforces the "general" math of addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division, the basic operations are BETTER UNDERSTOOD.

Little kids know this is EASY.

Bigger it just funner.

And if you want to come the FB page for 12 easy payments of $5.99 for math camp in the cam ITC, or 10 easy payments of 13.50 for "LIVE" camp which starts 10 am sharp tomorrow PST. Sign up and I will send you a facebook link and you will join the group right after you pay.

Here is more info on camp or you can go to my FB Page for updates.

Because of math camp more was added to Parent Teacher Training,
and more has been added to other password pages too. Soon there were be even more pdfs and videos. Many of them exist right now on FB and just need to be moved over to my website. So stay tuned for more. And if you missed this one there will be other Math Camps because I have several people who want to do another one and you can start from the beginning.

Those with LIFETIME passwords can get to Math Camp ITC (in the can), recorded videos not "live"
via google hangouts for ONE payment of $13.50. Or come live for $125...Membership has it's benefits.
But if you need to break into payments here is a 12 pay option with a kill switch on month 12. Had a lady keep getting billed for 14.95 because I didn't check the option on stripe. But I have here. But the problem is quite the opposite fully 50% of you who choose payments don't complete all payments. HALF. 

I now have a paypal biz account so I can take ANY credit card over the phone. BTW.

12 Pay Option


Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Math Camp

Summer Math Camp!

Check back here for updates.

Fee: $250.00 per terminal.

That's right not per person, per terminal and I can have up to 25 terminals!  My fee is $250.00 but you could make money on the deal...

Five families behind one terminal. Host charges $100 per family. Host makes $200.00 after rebate. To make as much as I do and you don't have to teach the class...

Who: Crewton Ramone. And children ages 5+ (with adult supervision).

What: A 10 hour algebra course LIVE, ONLINE. Math camp is 10 lessons with Crewton Ramone, and then 10 hours of enrichment at home. The topic will be algebra.  Parents will be given enrichment lessons based on what's most appropriate for each terminal.  Not everybody will be doing the same thing but everybody will be having fun.

Where: Google hangouts, but here's your online base camp at Facebook. (Live) Videos made as information develops. Get them here at The House of Math on Facebook.

Google Hangouts plugin for Chrome.

This is not optional.

Here is the latest:

Rebate: Get up to $50 back per terminal.  (See video for details.)

When: 7 AM HST, and possibly 8:30 AM HST which is 10 AM PST, 1 PM EST. Monday through Friday, starting July 10.  Up to 25 terminals at once!


Logistics: ...about 9:30 AM or so show up here,  and be ready to go to Google and hang out.  Watch Facebook for "live" updates.

Simply pay me $250.00 for your tuition with this link There's lots of great information in this private group but you can't get in until you pay...

4 kids per set of blocks and under with supervision. Adults and teachers should come too.

Please put questions or comments below:

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sale 2017

Here is the post Memorial Day Pre-Summer 
Sale Extravaganza!

Don't Let This Happen To You!

"We only have one child ("normal" without learning difficulties), but your lessons have made math incredibly fun and tangible!"  ~ ET, USA


Lifetime Passport. (4) FOUR Passwords for Life or as long as the website stays far it's 8 years.  You get Parent/Teacher training (principles and techniques can be applied to more than mathematics, Socratic Method for example),  The Sitewide which gets you in just about everywhere plus Trig and the EZ PZ Overview.  $340.00.  Life. 113.33 Annual.  Limited time offer.

LifeTime pass comes with TWO PASSES for Training.  Annual Pass you get ONE PASS.  Trainings are usually 4 or 5 hours on Fridays or weekends.  The point is to get you blocks and make sure you use them; you are more likely to use them if you know how powerful and fun they are.  Weekend trainings can be attended for the ridiculously low price of $50.00.

Any who previously purchased annuals can apply the price you paid toward the Lifetime Price.  After the sale it's back to annuals only.


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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Algebra with Base 10 Manipulatives

This little girl is doing some pretty big math.  Algebra doesn't have to be hard or scary. It' can be exciting easy and fun. I admonish all parents and teachers using this method to introduce algebra early. Four and five is not too young, Little kids enjoy algebra, especially when they don't know it's supposed to be hard.

In kid culture, they do know algebra is supposed to be hard. So when they see themselves doing algebra and it's easy and fun they think that they're smart. Their self talk is superior to those failing algebra, I assure you. 

The idea here is to introduce concepts gradually, but you'll find that with this method we cover a lot more ground a lot faster than the traditional symbol-based approach. Using base 10 blocks makes algebra visually obvious and so easy even very little children can do it and have fun at the same time.

Compare and contrast this to symbol based approach which often results in teenage tears. The problem I see in many mah textbooks is that they introduce too many concepts at once. This makes the "cognitive load" too high and algebra becomes frustrating. Instead, using base 10 blocks they can get their hands on it and we introduce one concept at a time. The algebra is actually used to teach addends and multiplication facts.  So a concept is introduced, we play with it, another concept is introduced and then we play with that.  While we are learning math concepts we are counting. But again don't be confused, computation is not all there is to mathematics. Mathematics is the development of logic and reasoning.

While we are learning basic math concepts, 45 addends and 400 multiplication facts can be internalized for instant recall not just memorized and forgotten again.

The fact that she still on her fingers doesn't matter either. Neither does the fact that she couldn't write all of these problems down quickly.  In fact if we took the time for her to write them down it would slow the lesson down to the point where he wouldn't get anything done. Learning math concepts can be done whether or not the child can write, in fact her ability to write is not reflective of her ability to learn math at all. Public schools seem to have this confused. Mathematics is intrinsic to the human mind. Concept based teaching of mathematics with base 10 blocks not only speed the process up but removes a lot of the pain.

In the short eight minutes we introduced some very powerful and important math concepts. The concept of the exponent, distribution; we reinforced counting by fours and nines did addends for 11 and 12 and 13. We didn't do stale worksheets. It wasn't boring, it was fun: child's play.

The deck is definitely stacked against little girls. In 2017, we still put little girls at a disadvantage. There still told math is a "guy thing." Girls are often discouraged from participating in math and science even if it's unconsciously. And mathematics is still taught to the male visual learner. Kinesthetic female learners usually have a difficult time with mathematics. But this method levels the playing field.

I charge $50 an hour or for $200.00 you get five classes. All you need is gmail vid chat and A set of blocks. This little girl could use a playmate and I have one other little girl would also like of playmate too.  If $200.00 is out of your price range, for $36 a month you can get passwords that allow you access to a plethora videos and webpages that show you how to do it yourself.  For example Raymond's page, shows you how to start off very young children. But there are many more password protected pages than that with PDFS and more.

Subraction in Action

Subtraction when done right should be easy and fun. All it takes is the proper method and a little practice. In this video you see intermediate supremely simple subtraction. Where we are not just taking away one digit...but two. With a little more practice, long strings of digits can be done quickly and easily.

Subtraction, base 10 manipulatives, homeschoolmath

I don't see why it's difficult to train your child to understand if that number is bigger than that number then this number is one less... And if the number on the bottom is bigger just add the addend. And little more practice you can go from left to right instead of right to left. The idea is to make computation fast and easy.

It is amazing to me that we have fallen down this early on in the teaching of mathematics. This is just subtraction, it shouldn't be hard. If you want to make subtraction easy and fun for your kids just click the link. Supremely Simple Subtraction.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Base Ten Blocks and Playdoh

Basically what you see here is a math rich environment in action.

Playin is learning. Play with the stuff they like to play with... In this case playdoh and manipulatives, or base 10 bucks.

This screen cast got over 150 hits in a day, I'm pretty sure people were amazed by their ability to multiply more than by the playdoh but you never know with the Internet.

If you like it, share it.

Basically we played and had fun first and learned math concepts second. this play session lasted about two hours you'll the complete lack of symbols interplay we just talked about the concepts, the symbols will come later.

Here you see us playing with addends and subtraction. A lot is going on here... You see Hero Zero wearing his five disguise at the top, first it was a 10 and we made addends for 10 below it and the four-year-old showed me ten take away one in no uncertain terms.

base ten blocks. playdoh, fun math activities,
Here we see an addend for seven and a couple cutouts.
base ten blocks. playdoh, fun math activities,
Here you can see how the boys lined up and press them in.

math manipulatives, math activities, fun preschool math activities

And here we are getting ready for addends bigger than 10.
base 10 blocks, math fun, fun 1st grade math activities,

Talk about making impressions, here we see 6+4 really is the same as 7+3, and they're both the same as 10.
fun preschool matth acttivities, homeschool math activities, base ten blocks
So what if they don't line up  perfectly? They still "get it" and that this age the emphasis is on fun not on being didactic with clay. You can't play "wrong."
preschool math acttivities, matth fun, playdoh

Cutouts for the one I don't talk about talk much about the video. And you don't see it much here either but we did all kinds of map of the cutouts, mostly adding and subtracting and smooshing together.
base ten blocks, playdoh, blocks, fun math activities
Then we started playing with fraction, under my direction... It's play but it's directed play.  "Why don't we..?" "What if we..?" "What would happen if..?""Can you make a square and cut it up?"

Looks like an American cheese single. And right there I got about 100 ideas for lessons with a pack of cheese singles... Eat your math lessons, that will get them subtracting--assuming you like eating processed American mucus forming, chemically enhanced for optimum flavored cheese-like substances. I wonder if I could get Kraft as a sponsor. Anyway I can see lots of lessons that could be done with cheese singles.

playdogh, squares,

Here we talked about one whole, then because it was yellow we cut it into a 4 x 4 square using the four block as a guide. First would cut it in half then we cut each half into it quarters and the make up the other way and we talked about equivalent fractions 1/4 equals 2/8, and they could see it. And then we got those in the house and you get what we see here:
base ten blocks, square numbers, playdoh, mah fun,

This gives a good chance to practice coming by fours and to see 4/16 is the same as one quarter.  You can also see a relationship of 1 to 3, 1:3, but we did not talk about it at all I mention it here because it's so blatantly obvious we could show it equivalent fractions the other way keep it simple and fun and don't try to stuff too much in there at a time. Older kids and adults might be ready to make the switches between the two but with the toddlers I made sure it was a coherent lesson with no jumps and perception. It's one square with a strip colored in as opposed into rectangles, one over the other to show ratio and equivalent fractions of one third that way. This one square teaches a lot of math to toddlers as it is. his could just as easily been a lesson about right angles and squares and square root.

The older boy wants in on the action since you did such a good job accounting by fours and sixes.
Child, playdoh, math, fun, play, counting, kindergarten, blocks
But the younger boy would like to know that he did all the "work."

child, play, math, fun, base ten blocks, playdoh, clay, activities, preschool
Bigger is funner. Here we put  together a 6 x 6 square and talked about fractions as we did it can you see that fractions and multiplication go hand-in-hand and that you can't teach one without the other than that you can teach multiplication with fractions.  Why not teach fractions while you teach multiplication or why not teach multiplication with fractions?
playdoh, math, fun math acivities, base ten blocks,
Since it was all cut up already or use a six to show one out of six or 1/6 and that was the same as 6/36 or six out of 36. Again they didn't see any symbols and we didn't do any writing during the lesson. But when they do see them, the symbols will make sense.
playdoh, blocks, math, fun math acivities, base ten blocks, preschool, firs grade, primary
 Just for fun, here's one of 36. 1/36.
playdoh, fracions, couning, math, fun math acivities, base ten blocks, preschool, #pk-2
 And since they had some purple Playdoh,  they made six out of 36 themselves. Again I see you ratio listing here 5 to 1 or 1:5, but we didn't do it. You could if your students are a little older. Or as a separate lesson.
playdoh math, math fun. Fun preschool math acivities, math materials,  base ten playdoh, fractions
 Them we made it smaller and talk about fives and fifths each blue-black is one of five or 1/5th. Of course conking my fives is easy and fun.
playdoh, base en blocks, math, homeschool, fun math acivities, base ten blocks,
 Which is the same as 2/10ths, and here you see them using their imagination to break it into tenths.

fun math activities, kindergarten math activities, playdoh,
 It was fun rolling out the skinny lines and making stuff with them. I missed taking pictures of them playing with the yellow flat and showing other fractions and fraction concepts. But you get the idea.
#homeschoolmath, fun math activities, base ten blocks, playdoh
 And after we played long enough with these concepts we just crunched it all together and started over again.
playdoh math, base 10 blocks, math fun. Fun preschool math acivities, math materials,
"What should we do next?" the four-year-old asked.
 "I dunno." I said, "let's just play and see what happens."

Here is a video for the boys help me tell the story. Caution: they may blow your mind with their ability to count.

At the time I made this post using YouTube and Screencast-o-Matic had outages that were commonplace. I put screencasts here for all my teacher friends who have YouTube blocked at skool but then the screencasts stopped working so now I'm going back and finding screen casts that don't work and am replacing them with  YouTube vids or links.

This screen cast is titled "Crewton Ramone play W/Clay Learn Math" on both YouTube and Screencast-o-Matic. People ask me if they can use my material on blogs and web posts, lancer is by all means just a link back to wherever you got it.

Here are couple of old posts where they play and learn math:

More fun math activities.

Math rich environment.

Four-year-old math enrichment.

Find us on Facebook... and at the house of math.